A Wedding to Remember!


    Your wedding day should be the most perfect day of your life. Since you will always remember the celebration, it is important to take care for your guests on your special day. In addition to Amphora Catering’s delicious food, you should also think about wedding favors. To thank guests for attending your wedding, choose a wedding favor that will please your guests and will allow for good use, so it does not gather dust or get thrown away at the end of the wedding. Originality is great! For example, the favors can include French macarons, wedding cookies, or this very cute DIY popcorn jar! At Amphora we have a wide variety of wedding cookies and macarons, so you can match the colors to your wedding theme!

    If you prefer to avoid food favors, there are many other possibilities! You can opt for cute little plants, which will fit perfectly in your guests’ homes. Flower seeds are also a good idea and can be incorporated with the slogan “take one and watch love grow.” This favor is fun and easy to do.

    Light up the night with sparklers! Not only will your guests enjoy twirling them around, they will also make for some seriously pretty wedding photos. It looks impressive and your guests will have a great time. If you want a European style wedding favor, consider the Jordan almonds “dragée,” which is very popular in France, Italy, and Spain. Since it is very traditional and symbolic, it is nearly impossible to give something else to guests. Five almonds represent five wishes for the bride and groom: health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.

    Now you need to choose the best options for your wedding and your guests!


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