• #TuesdayTips !

    Be Creative with the Food

    When it comes to throwing an awesome event one of the first things that comes to mind is the food! Everyone loves good food, and we’re no exception. A great way to take your event to the next level is by trying something different and getting creative with the food. Almost any item can be modified to fit your theme and presentation is a big part.


    Don’t be boring; try stacking your food up instead of out. For example, check out this vertical pear salad. It’s no longer just a salad; it’s a statement piece begging to be eaten.



    Having a light, airy, fruit filled event? Instead of using bowls for serving, why not use hallowed out exteriors of other fruit like a lemon, lime, grapefruit or orange. It’s a great environmentally friendly option that works well with your theme. Plus think of all the time you will save on not washing those dishes!



    Love your vegetables? Why not try veggie shooters instead of doing a giant veggie filled tray? People can grab a small serving, walk and mingle rather than congregating near the food. It’s a win- win for everyone!



    Last but not least, make your food fit your theme. If you are doing an Asian theme, you will love these salads served in traditional Chinese takeout boxes complete with chopsticks. A fresh way to serve a fresh side! 



    Your options are endless, so think outside of the box and have some fun with your food!



  • #WeddingWednesday !

    Ideas to Save Money on Your Wedding 

    Planning a wedding is an exciting time but it can also be a very expensive time, leaving your wallet to take a major hit! Here are a few easy ideas that will help you save a few bucks!


    Love the idea of doing a program for the ceremony, instead of printing individual programs which can be expensive, why not do a large custom program at the beginning of the aisle for everyone to see. Here is an example of a framed blackboard turned into a ceremony program, easily done at home for under $20.00.



    Similar in style and idea to the ceremony program, you can also save some money by doing a large framed seating chart rather than individual place cards which can be very expensive. All you need is a nice frame and a print out of all of your guests and their seat assignments. You can dress it up by using a nice easel and some flowers to really make the area pop, again easily done at home for under $50.00


    DIY Photobooths are easy and fun. Not to mention very money friendly! What a great way to collect all of the photos from your friends and family at your wedding. All you need is a camera, a tripod and a great place to put it. You can do a simple Polaroid cutout like the one seen here or make your own background out of ribbon. Place some fun props nearby and your guests are sure to love it! Then just upload all of the photos to Dropbox or a shared album for everyone to see and download. 




    Centerpieces are often one of the biggest expenses in the reception space. A simple way to make a statement and save some money is by doing your own. We love these simple rope wrapped cans with lovely hydrangea. Simply save up used cans in your home, wrap them with some rope or twine and voila, a vase. Now fill them with your favorite flowers which you can buy in bulk at wholesale prices from several websites online.




    Pinterest is also a great place to find easy DIY projects to make your big day special. The best part of DIY projects is that you can make everything unique and truly yours just the way you want it. Can’t buy it, no problem DIY it!



  • #TuesdayTips !

    Colorful Table Decorations

    Summer is a great time to play hostess and have dinner parties. Summer is also a great time for color and lots of it! Now is the time to gear up for some great parties and plan your tablescapes. Take some inspiration from the colors of summer and the bright accents and colors often offered at stores during the season.

    We love patterns, stripes and big bold colors like yellows, teals, pinks and purples. Keep it simple by adding a colorful, patterned table runner or linen to your setting with some beautiful summer blooms. Pull in your accent colors with napkins, dishes, place cards and candles to make the look complete. Don’t overdo it with colors though, try to stick to 2-3 main colors to avoid looking too mix-matched and crazy.







  • #FlashbackFriday !

    Farm tables and Wine

    Today we are flashing back to our Winemaker’s Dinner from last year held at Blue Valley Vineyad and Winery. We pulled inspiration from the rustic industrial décor of the Barrel Room at the Winery to create simple but elegant tablescapes using shades of gold, maroon and navy blue to create this pleasing palette. Long family style tables created interest and made for an even more fun atmosphere.





  • #ThirstyThursday !

    A  Bar Cart for this Summer

    Although it doesn’t seem like it now with the rain and cooler temperatures, summer is just around the corner. With a future of sitting in the sun, entertaining friends and hanging out by the pool ahead of us it’s time to get your bar cart ready! A stylized bar cart is a great addition to anyone’s home, a functional piece of furniture and a fun way to serve your guests some much deserved cocktails.

    Bar carts are pretty “in” right now, so you can find them just about anywhere, even Target for right around $150. Some also use a table with a tray that can easily be carried rather than a cart on wheels. Whatever your preference, it’s all about what’s on them that matters!

    It’s a bar cart, so of course you have to start out with the drinks, fill your cart with different types of liquors, mixers, sodas and juices. Add in a nice bowl or lemons, limes and oranges for garnish and color and ice to keep your drinks cool. Glassware is key, as everyone will need a glass, you can always use plastic if you are afraid of breakage. Find some fun straws and napkins to add to the look, summer colors are always a safe bet. Add in a few small decorative items, maybe some fresh flowers and votive candles to add some flair. Grab a quick cocktail recipe book so you always look like a pro making the drinks and you are ready to roll.




  • #InspirationMonday !

    Rain on your Wedding Day 

    Since it feels like it has been raining non-stop here in the DC Metro area (12 days in the last 2 weeks) we decided to take some inspiration from Brides and Grooms that made the most of having rain on their big day. Take a look at these awesome ideas and beautiful shots! Make sure to buy some umbrellas (try matching black & white ones or use your wedding colors to bring in a fun pop of color) just in case it rains.




    Don’t fret, the rain really can be beautiful, so why not turn it into a good thing!



  • #FlashbackFriday !

    Powerhouse Photo Shoot   

    Today we’re flashing back and taking a look at our Powerhouse Photo Shoot from last year.  This photo shoot was inspired by an Industrial Chic concept. We combined raw industrial elements with shimmery and gold accents to produce the modern yet eclectic look. All desserts were created by Amphora Bakery and all rentals and design was facilitated by the designers at Amphora Catering.







  • #ThirstyThursday !

    Happy Cinco de Mayo !


    Happy Thursday, but more importantly happy Cinco de Mayo! Since Cinco de Mayo just happens to land on a Thursday this year, why not have some Cinco de Mayo inspired drinks? Of course there is the obvious choice of the frozen Margarita but why not try kicking it up a notch with these fun cocktails and a bowl of chips and guacamole.



    Grapefruit Agua Fresca


    Stir tequila, Cocchi Americano Rosa, grapefruit juice, and honey in a rocks glass filled with ice; garnish with a grapefruit slice and a mint sprig.



    Kentucky Club Margarita


    Rub a lime wedge around the rim of a chilled margarita glass; dip the rim in salt to coat. In a cocktail shaker, combine tequila, lime juice, Cointreau, and 1 cup crushed ice. Cover and shake vigorously to chill; strain into the glass.



    Tangerine Mint Sparkling Margarita


     In a cocktail shaker, combine tangerine juice, zest, lime juice, and mint. Using a muddler or the back of a wooden spoon, mash the mint with the zest. Add tequila and ice to shaker and shake thoroughly until chilled. Strain over a rocks glass filled with fresh ice and top with sparkling water. Garnish with mint sprig and tangerine peel twist, and serve immediately.


    For more Mexican cocktail recipe ideas, you can visit http://www.saveur.com/gallery/Mexican-Inspired-Cocktails



  • #WeddingWednesday ! 

    Save the Dates & Invitations are the first impressions of your big day…so make them count!

    Do you know what your theme and colors are then why not pick out a coordinating set including your invitations and Save the Dates. These items are the first taste that your guests will get of your wedding or event. If you want to have a romantic organic, natural wedding, be sure to pick invitations and save the dates with the same natural, organic feel. Try finding something with a natural brown color, whites, creams and greens also help to give off the natural romantic feel.





    Looking for classic elegance? Try finding a set that offers a monogram style, something that can be carried throughout your entire event. For an extra pop of elegance why not try to find a shimmery paper or an invitation embellished with pearls or rhinestones.





    These are just a few ideas out of thousands of options out there, of course if you have something very specific in mind you can always find a local graphic designer to put your vision to fruition. With so many great inexpensive printing options online now, the options really are endless! Looking for a great vendor? Check out The Dandelion Patch for some great ideas, beautiful invitations or for some inspiration.



  • #TuesdayTips !

    Important tips for planning a successful event



    Are you planning an event? Whether it’s large or small, corporate or personal these three first step tips will be sure to help you make your event a success.


    Tip #1

    Set an overall budget amount – Make this amount the highest amount you are willing to spend without breaking the bank.  In general it is best to allot an additional 5-15% to your total budget for any overages or additions.


    Tip #2

    Plan to use a budgeting tool or sheet – There are many online budgeting tools that you can find and use to assist in the planning of your event. If an online tool isn’t quite your pace, an old fashioned spreadsheet will always do.


    Tip #3

    Set up categories – For each budget item (ie flowers, food, décor) you should track the following info:


    -Vendor & Contact Info

    -Budgeted Amount

    -Actual Amount/Cost

    -Payments / Due Dates