• Cake and Pie of the Month !

    Today we are introducing Amphora Bakery's Cake of the Month and Pie of the Month : Sweet & Sour Cherry Lemon Cake and Dreamy Creamy Boston Pie!
    Stop by Amphora Bakery or Amphora Restaurant & Diner, they are only available during the month of May!









  • #WeddingWednesday !

    More Colors for a Fun Wedding 

    Believe it or not, it’s almost May 1st and that means Wedding Season is just around the corner. With June being the most popular month for Bride’s why not take some inspiration in the world around you and add some fun flair and pops of color to your special day! Gone are the days of all white, it’s your day so go wild! Pops of yellow, blue, pink, teal and even black make an amazing array for a truly fun day and atmosphere your guests are sure not to forget.


    Grab some colorful flowers and fun textured ribbon to make a simple bouquet for yourself and your Bridesmaids



    Add some color to your cake display to keep it anything but boring



    Like DIY projects? Why not give old silverware a facelift with some simple paint!​



    Last but not least, don’t forget your tables! Make a special area just for you and your significant other for some added fun and romance


    Always remember to have fun, after all it is your day!



  • #TuesdayTips

    An Alternative to Fresh Flowers

    For a lasting centerpiece, we are inspired by these handmade table setting designs from our recent bride!




    We wanted to share this great idea with you.  Customize the palette, use as a runner, or dual purpose as a very personal favor for each of your guests with your signature touch.



    Download the pattern and follow the tutorial by handcrafted lifestyle expert Lia Griffith. https://liagriffith.com/pretty-paper-succulent-centerpiece/



  • #FridayBehindTheScene !

    Sign of the times: Inspired event signage

    Signage is one of those details that is easy to do on autopilot, but can be one of your events most brilliant assets. 

    Consider the use of unlikely elements to construct 3 dimensional signage that plays on a theme, emotion, logo, or food ingredient.


    Amphora loved putting the signage together for our German Christmas Party event, pulling in all of the imagery associated with a fire on a cold blustery night, into our outdoor market inspired German comfort foods menu. 



    The signage for a contemporary home tour was adhered to a tall slim glass bottle for a sleek & modern artistic appeal



    Print signage directly on the food service vessel and brand your event with a monogram, logo or more!



  • #WeddingWednesday !

    Be the Girl with the Best Cake



    The flavors in our custom cakes come together to creating something undeniably delicious.  You may have found the love of your life, but you can find your perfect match right here!  Check out our fabulous ways to celebrate the love of wedding cakes as we welcome in the spring wedding season with open arms.  



    Consider a custom packaging option for a mini cake that will make a sweet and lasting impression on your guests



    Wedding cake escort cards beautifully enhance your tablescape and can also be dual purposed as a favor, giving your guests a treat they won’t be able to resist digging into. 


    Surprise your guests with an edible table centerpiece.   Add interest with a custom cake stand made of white chocolate or add a numeral cake topper and it can serve as a table number as well!



  • #TuesdayTips !

    4 Ways to Repurpose Household Items as Wedding Décor

    The investment value adds up quickly when you're planning a wedding. And often times you are left with décor you have limited use for post the “big day”!  The good news is that you don't have to rent or purchase brand new items to achieve the magnificent aesthetic you desire. If you take a look around your dusty kitchen cabinets or basement storage shelves, you may find new ways to repurpose what you already own and upcycle into creative, custom decor pieces inspired by you!   With a little imagination, you will not only save money, but you will benefit the environment as an eco-conscious and savvy bride. 

    Check out some of our favorite “hip”cycled ideas!


    Use classically designed canned goods as a floral vase to enhance a vintage theme



    Repurpose a concrete cinder block as a funky urban cake stand



    Receiving any large deliveries before the wedding? Save the packing crates and build a pallet cocktail table or stool!  

    Finish off an industrial appeal with cheese grater lamps suspended over a buffet table



  • #ThirstyThursday !

    Our signature Bubble bar

    Add champagne and instantly elevate any occasion.   This spring/summer, Amphora Catering highlights our signature Bubble Bar, offering add-ins such as fresh fruit coulis, organic herb swizzle sticks, specialty cordials, microgreens, and edible crystallized flowers and herbs.  These ingredients will not only enhance the flavor, but will create a beautiful garnish for all kinds of cocktails.   Invigorate your sip, and raise the bar for freshness, creativity and flavor.






  • #WeddingWednesday !

    Non traditional tables settings

    Couples and caterers are embracing a revolution on traditional reception seating arrangements.   No longer limited to large round tables, weddings are now trending toward seating that is intimate, stylized, and lends itself to gorgeous photos. Here are some of our favorite arrangements using an eclectic mix of vintage farm tables,  a variety of table sizes and shapes, and a boho chic arrangement with large floor pillows.










  • #TuesdayTrend !

    Comfort Food with a Twist still on Trend for Spring 2016

    Consider that most diners enjoy food that is fun, interesting & of course irresistibly delicious. This season, we continue to emphasize modern twists on presentation & flavor,  while savoring the comfort in traditional foods.  When deciding on your menu, consider your environment and/or venue,  seasonal, fresh ingredients, and bringing life to a classic dish with an unexpected element of surprise.  A diner’s experience is heavily tied to what they see on the plate, “That’s a masterpiece when you can get the balance between taste and aesthetics.”  Some of our favorite “ta da” moments were experienced with some of these classics with a twist.


    Meatloaf Cupcakes 2 Ways!


    Bacon-wrapped Meatloaf Cupcake with Whipped Mashed Potato Icing



    Autumn inspired Meatloaf Cupcake with Sweet Potato Frosting



    Throwback to childhood with Pop Tarts! Don’t hesitate to serve  “grown up pop tarts” like Cranberry-Apple Sage or a savory pop tart inspired by a Croque Monsieur…delicious! Integrate them into stations, offer them as a late night snack, or wow your guests with a surprising palate pleaser as a served first course; Decadent Lobster & Gruyere Pop Tarts with Tarragon Sabayon!


    Cranberry Apple Pop Tart with Fresh Sage



    Croque Monsieur Pop Tart



    Decadent Lobster & Gruyere Pop Tarts with Tarragon Sabayon



  • #InsiderFriday !

    Office Updates at Amphora Catering!

    A few weeks ago, we embarked on a renovation and expansion of our corporate catering offices and we are delighted to share that the new space is finally complete! Gearing up for our busiest season and following a successful quarter with growth of the company, updates and renovations were well overdue, and we are very pleased with the results!


    The redesign is grounded in pairing both modernism and rustic/industrial with a touch of romance. We really wanted the focus to highlight our passion for design while displaying our culinary skills through vibrant wall imagery. The office has been converted into a warm and inviting space that fosters creativity and inspiration. The renovation was led by our creative Director of Catering, Angela Cholakis, with assistance from her hard working group of consultants and event designers. The space was transformed into an artistic gathering space and will be the perfect backdrop for client meetings and private tastings.


    Here are a few before and after photos we are excited to share!


    Our tasting room:

    During the renovation


















    Our Office: