• Alternative to the traditional guest book

    A guest book is a great way to look back and remember the people you shared those special moments with on your wedding day. It's traditionally a big book that guests write in to share memories or vows, but often after the wedding, nobody opens it again. It tends get stored out of sight or becomes a dust collector. We want to share some ideas to make your guest book stand out and not be forgotten!



    A digital print tree is artistic, easy to make, and is inexpensive while still being beautiful! With a nice print or drawing, created by you or from a template found online, guests can leave their mark with beautiful paints or ink. The final result will be a lovely painting for your home. You can use a tree or another basic drawing as seen in the pictures. For a more personal drawing, use inspiration from memories, such as when you all first met to create something truly special.



    Note boxes are generally located near the guestbook. Choose a nice box, cute little papers, and let your guests write a message. You will enjoy reading them at home and having another keepsake!

    For additional fun, you can use Polaroid photos! Let your guest take selfies and hang them on a photo wall. It will be an amusing decoration and provide great memories for all! Guests can also write a message on the back of the photos. There are so many way to be creative and daring while straying from the norm!