• Boutonniere with a Twist

    With the focus on the bride to choose a beautiful wedding dress and bouquet, we often forget about the groom. The groom can choose a boutonniere, but they tend to be less than spectacular. Even though it is a small accessory, it still takes careful consideration. Traditionally, the groom wears a boutonniere on the left side of the tuxedo. It is often a simple flower, such as a white or red rose. It can be difficult to select a magnificent boutonniere. For this reason, we selected some images on trend.


    If you want to keep flowers, consider making a tiny bouquet. The use of wild flowers can change everything! If your wedding theme is rustic, you can use farm plants such as wheat. You can also match your bouquet boutonniere to the bride’s bouquet for an impressive look.

    For a more original approach, you can opt for a paper origami boutonniere. This is easy to do and because there are so many shapes that can be made with paper, no piece has to look exactly the same. It is definitely unique but you must take the weather into consideration. Paper origami is not the best option for a rainy wedding day. 

    Last but not least - the custom boutonniere! This option is another great way to be unique. You can show off your hobbies such as music, casinos, or even use little toys. There are no rules! You only need to use your imagination. Creating a boutonniere can also be a fun time to spend with friends and family before the big day.


  • A Wedding to Remember!


    Your wedding day should be the most perfect day of your life. Since you will always remember the celebration, it is important to take care for your guests on your special day. In addition to Amphora Catering’s delicious food, you should also think about wedding favors. To thank guests for attending your wedding, choose a wedding favor that will please your guests and will allow for good use, so it does not gather dust or get thrown away at the end of the wedding. Originality is great! For example, the favors can include French macarons, wedding cookies, or this very cute DIY popcorn jar! At Amphora we have a wide variety of wedding cookies and macarons, so you can match the colors to your wedding theme!

    If you prefer to avoid food favors, there are many other possibilities! You can opt for cute little plants, which will fit perfectly in your guests’ homes. Flower seeds are also a good idea and can be incorporated with the slogan “take one and watch love grow.” This favor is fun and easy to do.

    Light up the night with sparklers! Not only will your guests enjoy twirling them around, they will also make for some seriously pretty wedding photos. It looks impressive and your guests will have a great time. If you want a European style wedding favor, consider the Jordan almonds “dragée,” which is very popular in France, Italy, and Spain. Since it is very traditional and symbolic, it is nearly impossible to give something else to guests. Five almonds represent five wishes for the bride and groom: health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.

    Now you need to choose the best options for your wedding and your guests!

  • Alternative to the traditional guest book

    A guest book is a great way to look back and remember the people you shared those special moments with on your wedding day. It's traditionally a big book that guests write in to share memories or vows, but often after the wedding, nobody opens it again. It tends get stored out of sight or becomes a dust collector. We want to share some ideas to make your guest book stand out and not be forgotten!



    A digital print tree is artistic, easy to make, and is inexpensive while still being beautiful! With a nice print or drawing, created by you or from a template found online, guests can leave their mark with beautiful paints or ink. The final result will be a lovely painting for your home. You can use a tree or another basic drawing as seen in the pictures. For a more personal drawing, use inspiration from memories, such as when you all first met to create something truly special.



    Note boxes are generally located near the guestbook. Choose a nice box, cute little papers, and let your guests write a message. You will enjoy reading them at home and having another keepsake!

    For additional fun, you can use Polaroid photos! Let your guest take selfies and hang them on a photo wall. It will be an amusing decoration and provide great memories for all! Guests can also write a message on the back of the photos. There are so many way to be creative and daring while straying from the norm!