Thanksgiving Tablescapes


    Once the Thanksgiving meal is ordered or prepared, you should have a plan for the tablescape. There are many possibilities to create a beautiful table setting and really set the holiday mood. We have selected inspirational table arrangements for your viewing pleasure. It is fairly easy to create DIY decorations with natural items and goods.


    •          Classy White and Wood. Made with pine cones, pumpkins, wood, and candles. Add gold sparkles for an extra festive look.


    •          Fall Colors. Take a bit of time to walk in your garden or forest if there is one nearby. You will find all materials needed to create this nature inspired tablescape. Use dried leaves, pumpkins, and apples. Adding candles gives it an extra touch! Make your tablescape as beautiful as the fall season.


    •          The Modern Green Table. Use green plants and neutral colors to make your table look like this!


    •          The Pumpkin Feast Table. The goal with this tablescape is to use as many pumpkins as possible, with different colors and sizes. Add flowers, leaves, and candles, to achieve the perfect look.


    Amphora Catering wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!



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