#ThirstyThursday !

    A  Bar Cart for this Summer

    Although it doesn’t seem like it now with the rain and cooler temperatures, summer is just around the corner. With a future of sitting in the sun, entertaining friends and hanging out by the pool ahead of us it’s time to get your bar cart ready! A stylized bar cart is a great addition to anyone’s home, a functional piece of furniture and a fun way to serve your guests some much deserved cocktails.

    Bar carts are pretty “in” right now, so you can find them just about anywhere, even Target for right around $150. Some also use a table with a tray that can easily be carried rather than a cart on wheels. Whatever your preference, it’s all about what’s on them that matters!

    It’s a bar cart, so of course you have to start out with the drinks, fill your cart with different types of liquors, mixers, sodas and juices. Add in a nice bowl or lemons, limes and oranges for garnish and color and ice to keep your drinks cool. Glassware is key, as everyone will need a glass, you can always use plastic if you are afraid of breakage. Find some fun straws and napkins to add to the look, summer colors are always a safe bet. Add in a few small decorative items, maybe some fresh flowers and votive candles to add some flair. Grab a quick cocktail recipe book so you always look like a pro making the drinks and you are ready to roll.





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