#TuesdayTips !

    Important tips for planning a successful event



    Are you planning an event? Whether it’s large or small, corporate or personal these three first step tips will be sure to help you make your event a success.


    Tip #1

    Set an overall budget amount – Make this amount the highest amount you are willing to spend without breaking the bank.  In general it is best to allot an additional 5-15% to your total budget for any overages or additions.


    Tip #2

    Plan to use a budgeting tool or sheet – There are many online budgeting tools that you can find and use to assist in the planning of your event. If an online tool isn’t quite your pace, an old fashioned spreadsheet will always do.


    Tip #3

    Set up categories – For each budget item (ie flowers, food, décor) you should track the following info:


    -Vendor & Contact Info

    -Budgeted Amount

    -Actual Amount/Cost

    -Payments / Due Dates




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