#TuesdayTrend !

    Comfort Food with a Twist still on Trend for Spring 2016

    Consider that most diners enjoy food that is fun, interesting & of course irresistibly delicious. This season, we continue to emphasize modern twists on presentation & flavor,  while savoring the comfort in traditional foods.  When deciding on your menu, consider your environment and/or venue,  seasonal, fresh ingredients, and bringing life to a classic dish with an unexpected element of surprise.  A diner’s experience is heavily tied to what they see on the plate, “That’s a masterpiece when you can get the balance between taste and aesthetics.”  Some of our favorite “ta da” moments were experienced with some of these classics with a twist.


    Meatloaf Cupcakes 2 Ways!


    Bacon-wrapped Meatloaf Cupcake with Whipped Mashed Potato Icing



    Autumn inspired Meatloaf Cupcake with Sweet Potato Frosting



    Throwback to childhood with Pop Tarts! Don’t hesitate to serve  “grown up pop tarts” like Cranberry-Apple Sage or a savory pop tart inspired by a Croque Monsieur…delicious! Integrate them into stations, offer them as a late night snack, or wow your guests with a surprising palate pleaser as a served first course; Decadent Lobster & Gruyere Pop Tarts with Tarragon Sabayon!


    Cranberry Apple Pop Tart with Fresh Sage



    Croque Monsieur Pop Tart



    Decadent Lobster & Gruyere Pop Tarts with Tarragon Sabayon




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