Wedding Bar Stations: Lemonade, S’mores, and Bubble Bar


    Have you ever heard about wedding bar stations? This stylish trend is impossible to pass through. Creativity and imagination are the perfect combination to create the ultimate bar station on your wedding day. We have previously mentioned our signature bubble bar, featuring champagne with a mix of fresh fruit coulis, organic herb swizzle sticks, microgreens, edible crystalized flowers, etc. There is no better way to serve champagne while instantaneously taking your wedding to the next level. If you prefer juice and soft beverages, opt for a sensational lemonade bar. There are several lemonade flavors available such as strawberry, raspberry, lime, mint, and citrus. This particular bar display looks great with a transparent jar, which showcases the fresh fruit and colors of the lemonade. If this idea seems too simple, offer guests “add-ins”, so they can create their own perfect lemonade. Add-ins can include honey, fresh herbs, spices, soda, and tea.

    Another smash hit is a s’more bar! A real institution in the USA, the s’more bar can fit perfectly into a wedding meal’s dessert time. Both adults and children love this bar. Adults feel nostalgic and children delight in the flavor. It is similar to the candy bar, which has also been very popular this year.


    In addition to your Amphora dessert table station, you may need to think about adding one (or more) bar stations!  For more ideas, view our signature stations here: http://www.amphoracatering.com/wedding-creative-stations






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