wedding Cake Trends!


    To follow the latest wedding cake trends, you should definitively have an original wedding cake! You might be asking yourself “What does an original wedding cake mean?” We have selected unique and original ideas to provide ideas and inspiration. It’s time to change the wedding rules, say goodbye to the traditional wedding cake, and keep an eye open on what is new! Furthermore, having an original wedding cake allows you to impress your guests in a good way. It is also an amusing way to show off who you really are.


    •          The Cheese Cake (Yes, this is literally a real cheese cake!)

    Many people prefer savory food instead of a sweet dessert. With our signature cheese cake, you will easily please and accommodate those guests. If you still want to offer a sweet option, add petit fours or another small desert (like our mini pies) to be sure that everybody will enjoy the reception.  As you can see in the picture below, it’s also aesthetically pleasing.


    •          The Macaron Tower

    Everybody likes macarons and they are so pretty! Make sure to match them with your wedding palette to have the perfect dessert. We offer several flavors which you can view here. Elegant and tasty, this wedding “cake” will be the center of attention after a delicious meal catered by Amphora.


    •          The Crepe Cake

    If you love the well-known French crepe but do not think it is fancy enough for a wedding, this “cake” is a must! This truly unique option has a beautiful shape, exquisite flavor, and will be loved by your guests.  Choose the crepe flavors you enjoy most - there are no rules. Best of all, the crepe cake is budget friendly. Provide great taste for a great value!


    •          TheWhatever You Want Wedding Cake!

    With the help of your imagination, transform your favorite treats into fantastic wedding desserts! Achieving a “Whatever You Want Wedding Cake” is all about the shape, design, and display! Below you will see examples of successful options: a madeleine cake, donuts cake, and a wonderful éclair cake!




    If you really are a dessert person, we advise mixing and matching. When you have options there is no need to hesitate displaying more than one wedding dessert! 


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