#WeddingWednesday !

    More Colors for a Fun Wedding 

    Believe it or not, it’s almost May 1st and that means Wedding Season is just around the corner. With June being the most popular month for Bride’s why not take some inspiration in the world around you and add some fun flair and pops of color to your special day! Gone are the days of all white, it’s your day so go wild! Pops of yellow, blue, pink, teal and even black make an amazing array for a truly fun day and atmosphere your guests are sure not to forget.


    Grab some colorful flowers and fun textured ribbon to make a simple bouquet for yourself and your Bridesmaids



    Add some color to your cake display to keep it anything but boring



    Like DIY projects? Why not give old silverware a facelift with some simple paint!‚Äč



    Last but not least, don’t forget your tables! Make a special area just for you and your significant other for some added fun and romance


    Always remember to have fun, after all it is your day!




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