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    Ideas to Save Money on Your Wedding 

    Planning a wedding is an exciting time but it can also be a very expensive time, leaving your wallet to take a major hit! Here are a few easy ideas that will help you save a few bucks!


    Love the idea of doing a program for the ceremony, instead of printing individual programs which can be expensive, why not do a large custom program at the beginning of the aisle for everyone to see. Here is an example of a framed blackboard turned into a ceremony program, easily done at home for under $20.00.



    Similar in style and idea to the ceremony program, you can also save some money by doing a large framed seating chart rather than individual place cards which can be very expensive. All you need is a nice frame and a print out of all of your guests and their seat assignments. You can dress it up by using a nice easel and some flowers to really make the area pop, again easily done at home for under $50.00


    DIY Photobooths are easy and fun. Not to mention very money friendly! What a great way to collect all of the photos from your friends and family at your wedding. All you need is a camera, a tripod and a great place to put it. You can do a simple Polaroid cutout like the one seen here or make your own background out of ribbon. Place some fun props nearby and your guests are sure to love it! Then just upload all of the photos to Dropbox or a shared album for everyone to see and download. 




    Centerpieces are often one of the biggest expenses in the reception space. A simple way to make a statement and save some money is by doing your own. We love these simple rope wrapped cans with lovely hydrangea. Simply save up used cans in your home, wrap them with some rope or twine and voila, a vase. Now fill them with your favorite flowers which you can buy in bulk at wholesale prices from several websites online.




    Pinterest is also a great place to find easy DIY projects to make your big day special. The best part of DIY projects is that you can make everything unique and truly yours just the way you want it. Can’t buy it, no problem DIY it!




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