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Student initiated effort supporting the members of our community that may be the most vulnerable during this time




My name is Iriana and I am a junior at Rock Ridge High School in Loudoun County, VA.  The reality about coronavirus affecting my neighbors, friends, and strangers around the world really set in in the first few weeks of March.   What began as what initially felt like bonus vacation days, soon left me with mixed feelings about all of the unknows associated with this pandemic and what challenges would lie ahead of us. However, between our extended local family and friends, we realized that all of our basic needs were met.  We took turns going to the market, shared cleaning products that were difficult to come by, and even shared our feelings about the challenges we were facing both physically and emotionally.   Speaking with others led me to realize how fortunate I was that I had so many gifts in my life that I may sometimes take for granted.  I also had access to resources from my family's restaurant and catering business, that allowed us make less frequent trips to the grocery store, and access necessities such as toilet paper, milk and fresh produce. This was unfortunately not the reality experienced by all of my neighbors or community members who complained of shortages and long lines at the markets, or elderly members of the community that were more at risk leaving their homes to shop for basic necessities like food.   As I helped my mom prepare a large pot of soup for my grandparents, I wondered how many individuals  that single pot of soup could feed.   That evening, Soup for Seniors was launched. With the help of my mother, ingredients from our family business, and a passion to help others less fortunate than myself, we began to prepare soups multiple times a week for delivery to any community member that could benefit from the outreach. 

Community Connections

Our home made soups are delivered free to your doorstep and intended to support any community member in need.  We'de love to hear from you on which batch you have enjoyed the most!  You may also subscribe to join our free soup delivery rotation below! 

Let Iriana know if you would like to be added to the distribution list for Soup for Seniors




Word of mouth between neighbors and friends helped to broaden the reach of our soup deliveries and also exposed another opportunity  to support the senior community.  Subscribe  to my once a week  technology education Zoom classes aimed at insuring you are able to stay connected with the world around you and others in your local community.  You may also request a personal consult where I can walk you through any specific questions you have or to assist in getting you set up on Zoom to join our classes.  








Let me know if you need a delivery of any of Amphora's mobile grocery items of essential produce, meats, and household necessities and I will be happy to coordinate a complimentary local delivery to your doorstep. 
Delivering Sweet Surprises to SOUP FOR SENIORS subscribers and to local hospital HEALTHCARE HEROES to brighten their days in partnership with Amphora Catering & Amphora Bakery




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Thank you Kathleen Lear for sharing your story!  We have been so happy to be able to bring a little sunshine to your mom and ease the burden of cooking for the family. 
Thank you Walter and Betty Agnor for your kind thank you note! We have enjoyed bringing you soups and hope they have taken some of the pressure off of preparing meals each day.

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